About Us

Eventaid comprises a dynamic married couple (Misha and Pavel) in tune with the social and business calendar of one of the world’s most beautiful and vibrant cities, Prague.

Throughout her career, Misha has worked closely with the large expat community as liaison between various government agencies to secure necessary documents, accommodation, insurance, and other requirements necessary for a prolonged stay in the Czech Republic. By profession, Misha is a Human Resources manager for a large multinational enterprise.

Pavel is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the services and tourism industry. As a restaurateur and caterer, he has built, throughout the years, an extensive network in this business sector. His experience also entails an import-export venture as well as financial development interests.

Both of the team members possess extraordinary organisational and planning skills. Given their past successes in event planning and delivery; encouraged by family and friends to expand their operation Eventaid grew from a singular one-day event service to a full multi-day programme proposition